Friday, February 17, 2012

What did Hitlar, Brahmins and Periyaar have in common?

What is racism?
 Hate a group of people because of their culture,food habits, skin color,hair color ...
About Periyaar
  Periyaar faught for the equal treatment of all people.
To know more about him go to  wikipedia
That is good right then what is the problem?  
 His cause is for good but his solution and the path is not right.
 He taught his followers to hate the Brahmin community.
 He beleived, removing the brahmin community will remove Hindu relegion and will solve the caste problem.
 His famous quote is "If you see both snake and brahmin together, kill the brahmin first"
Issues in his solution
  Majority people liked this finger pointing!
  They liked the idea of "All the problem is because of Brahmins only" and they have no stake in this discrimination.
  His solution liberated the Non brahmin upper caste from the all the sins they have committed.
  Everybody forgot about Land/Job discrimination.
  Everybody talked about how brahmin did not let these people inside the temple garbhagruh (sanctum sanctorum)    
  His solution helped portray non brahmin upper caste people are also victims of the discrimination.
  His solution helped non brahmin upper caste people to get entitlement in the name of victims

How the Non dalith community claims  they are victim?
    They claim they are denied education. They used literacy rate as a proof.
But they hide there is no need for education in ancient India (even today )
If one has
 1) Land for farming
 2) Business
And those people had no compelling reason to learn. Even today majority of farming community is illiterate.
Whereas brahmins, to keep their superiority over others and for religious purpose pursued education.
Another fact is these brahmins are not good in doing physical labor. They enjoyed being clerk in big farms.
They worked as clerks under kings. These people even worked under muslim kings.

 Aryan Dravidan divide
   Periyaar beleived all brahmins are aryans and rest are dravidans.He took pride in South Indian languages are not derived from Sanskrit.
But he did not explain How a brahmin who spoke and wrote different language denied education for the masses.
Who taught Valluvar,Avaiyaar and other Tamil poets?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Argument with Backward Community

Brahmins made us to discriminate fellow humans
"Well!  Can you prove you  did not do it for economic or convenient reasons?"

 You Brahmins! You denied education for us

How come Aryans from some other country who spoke and wrote different language denied education?
Why not accept You already owned land or business and there is no need for education to create wealth.And you are lazy to learn just like a Brahmin is lazy to farm or fight.

We should deny or restrict education for Brahmins and open quota is there for them 
"Are you ready to share the land and education with Dalits? Can we change the inheritance law so that 5% of wealth goes to Dalit Property pool?"

 I should be given reservation easy pass for higher education because I was not treated properly by Brahmins.
"Have stopped illtreating Dalits? Are you treating them equal?"

It is not my intention to claim Brahmins are nice people but to bring the BC,OBC to lime light. Because I am one of them. I will add more question soon

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