Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Argument with Backward Community

Brahmins made us to discriminate fellow humans
"Well!  Can you prove you  did not do it for economic or convenient reasons?"

 You Brahmins! You denied education for us

How come Aryans from some other country who spoke and wrote different language denied education?
Why not accept You already owned land or business and there is no need for education to create wealth.And you are lazy to learn just like a Brahmin is lazy to farm or fight.

We should deny or restrict education for Brahmins and open quota is there for them 
"Are you ready to share the land and education with Dalits? Can we change the inheritance law so that 5% of wealth goes to Dalit Property pool?"

 I should be given reservation easy pass for higher education because I was not treated properly by Brahmins.
"Have stopped illtreating Dalits? Are you treating them equal?"

It is not my intention to claim Brahmins are nice people but to bring the BC,OBC to lime light. Because I am one of them. I will add more question soon

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